Al Chalem & Cliff Baxter Were Murdered To Cover Up Wall Street Crimes Of Politicians – Believe It!

Most people think of Bernie Madoff when you mention Wall Street criminals. Rolling Stone Reporter Matt Taibbi and dozens of DEA agents, FBI, and Treasury Agents know better however.  Wall Street has become the largest laundromat for drug monies and massive insider trading in the world, and some of the perpetrators have worked in the White House over the last two decades.  These crimes created thousands, and even millions of victims around the world and they will never be investigated. Harvey Pitt, Arthur Levitt and other SEC Directors make sure of that. All Wall Street crimes are investigated independently by the SEC, who may at their discretion, refer the matter for criminal investigation to various federal agencies like the FBI, IRS, DEA, etc.

But less than 10% of SEC investigations become criminal prosecutions – especially when proceeds of insider trading find their way into Super PACs or off-shore accounts of Congressmen, Senators and even a Vice President. ENRON is the case they all want you to forget. It destroyed over 5 million families across America, while Cheney and his cronies engorged themselves offshore both as the stock grew wings and flew to the stratosphere, and as it plummeted into the depths of hell. While roughly 5,000 cases are prosecuted every year, you will rarely, if ever, find any federal officials nor senior bank officers amongst the defendants. They are badly needed to keep the Wall Street money machine well-oiled and cannot be inconvenienced with some tedious legal problems.

But before we go there, in part two of this blog, there are a handful of articles you simply must read in order for you to open your mind and believe that murder, extortion, and false prosecution are all tools used by the Executive Branch via the U.S. Department of Justice, to keep Wall Street unobstructed. Their job is to mow down, jail, or smear anyone who asks too many questions, or who carries too bright a flashlight.  Together they conceal the biggest billion-dollar political funding fraud in America with drug proceeds washed through the purchase of stock on Wall Street in a volume that some estimate equals 20% of all NASDAQ trades. Enjoy these reads or you simply will not be objective enough to realize why both Cliff Baxter & Alain Chalem were murdered for their knowledge of the most egregious Wall Street crimes of the last half-century:

Now that you have had an inside look at Wall Street criminals, I can tell you that I had conversations with both with Cliff Baxter, (an honest man with a conscience who warned me about an Enron acquisition fraud in 1995) and Chalem, who like myself was an FBI informant who had been getting death threats to leave the country. Both he and I and were tasked with finding unregistered shares of Enron to sell in a private off-shore transaction to a former Vice-President before the meteoric rise – and fall of the company. Also involved in the island transactions were my Florida friends John Pierre Gonyou (Canadian) and Scott Galin.  All three remained in America. I took the threats seriously and moved to Canada – the only reason I am still alive and they are all dead.  Only Chalem’s murder is office. Pierre died of a forced heroin overdose (he only smoked pot and did a social line if coke now and then, but otherwise was very health-conscience). Scotty died in a mysterious private plane crash in the Bahamas with a famous black singer Aliyah.

The biggest threat to America comes from the banksters, not Islamic terrorists.  In truth, we have become victims, not of terrorists, but of our own ignorance, apathy, and indifference. For Americans it is just to easy to come home from a long day at work, chug down a dinner and then sit in front of a TV for an hour to distract yourself with what others decide is the news you will see today, and then divert your attention away from Wall Street, The Fed, and foreign policy with some sitcom, sports battle, or perhaps even “Dancing With The Stars.”  When was the last time you picked up an read a non-fiction book?  Clearly, Americans have lost their appetite for truth.

It has been 15 years since Alain Chalem was executed – while he was wearing a wire and under FBI surveillance 24/7. When 4 FBI agents interrogated me for 8 hours about what I knew about Chalem’s murder, we all agreed who the killer was. Yet he still walks free. Why?  Because solving the Chalem murder will raise too many new questions about Enron, the fake “suicide” of Cliff Baxter, and the true story of the largest Wall Street inside trade in American history by a former Vice President that earned him a $500,000,000 profit. Solving Chalem’s murder would expose both Harvey Pitt and Arthur Levitt of being complicit in the cover-up, and eventually Gary Weiss would be brought to the stand under oath and be forced to confess his article implicating the Italian mob was a great red herring, bought and paid for by Uncle Sam. From the Amber Lynn CNN and Miami 5 Miami Herald scandals, we all now know that 10% of what fills our newspapers is furnished by our beloved government, which must surely envy Mao Zedong.

When I worked at American Financial Group in Miami for two years, I too was introduced to this shady world of Wall Street Criminals. Most become millionaires or murder victims or fake defendants if they become witnesses. Deliberate ignorance keeps many people alive and silent. And you can trace this all back to President Reagan’s deregulation of the banking and securities industries in the 80s. He made the trickery and thievery all legal. That was the mandate given to him by his largest  campaign contributors. Lest we not forget, everything Hitler did in Nazi Germany was also technically “legal” according to Germany law. The late Martin Luther King reminded us quite often of this, yet Congress and even the Supreme Court has allowed for Super Pacs and “Dark Pools” and declared them to be “legal”.  What is legal on Wall Street today is anything but ethical.

I had my own personal run-in with the SEC and they did everything they wanted but completely ignored the law – and the rights of the accused. As a whistle-blower they probably figured I was not entitled to due process of law, and really didn’t have to be served nor present when they held a hearing to decide to steal my life savings and that of my 68 year-old mother. They don’t bother to answer letters eithers. Best of all when they serve their judgments on victims, they make damn sure you don’t see the judgment until the appeal period expired long ago. They pay attention to these details, but when murder is involved and the facilitator for a $500,000,000 insider Enron is involved, and just happens to be an FBI informant, they do their best to divert their investigative resources elsewhere. When specific information was offered on a platter – they didn’t want to even hear about it. Why? Because, like the FBI, they already knew the score and how the Chalem murder would lead to the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and to Washington, DC. It was a career-ending journey for any SEC or FBI investigator that dared to expose the truth. Their mission became “Go harass and smear all those you find with flashlights”.  Nothing would be allowed to impede the laundromat known as Wall Street. Gary Weiss was brought in for extra measure as Edward Manfredonia and Patrick Byrne so well-documented:    Remember, that on Wall Street, image is everything, and far more important than reality.

So while the Sharks swim free on Wall Street, the SEC ensures they are well fed and even helps chum the waters exactly where they are told to do so, and when. Remember the Executive Director of the SEC, just like the Fed, and the FBI is a political appointee. If you have any doubt what this means, just look where all the former SEC directors are working today!  Only one of them left the Washington mafia intact and has come clean in recent days.  Even he admits that Wall Street’s shell game is “not sustainable”. Only when it all comes tumbling down like a house of cards, can there be a fresh start with reforms and enforcement. The only other solution, is a back door effort to drain the slime away through Washington, as I suggest below. But those who already plundered the wealth of America and put our grandkids into hock, need to pay for their sins – especially when they even resort to murder. I would give my right arm to be U.S. Attorney General for just one month.

Working at American Financial Group taught me that while most people try to keep their eye on ball long enough to trade on Walls Street, others have ever so discreetly moved the basket or goal line. It has become a fixed insiders game where the public is only needed to provide trading volume. When was the last time YOU got in on an IPO?. It is a well-choreographed circus when it needs to be, and when the heat is on, and scrutiny is present, the wolves fade back into the shadows of the forest and caves where all the naked short-sellers and Reg S dealers reside. Granted, a few people may get “lucky” from time to time, but on the whole Wall Street is the slickest carney game of all, with barkers who where three piece suits and big smiles. Why shouldn’t they. The average Wall Street CEO earns over $15 million a year and have become criminally “untouchable”.

Does anyone dare to try and put the leash back on the growling Dobermans and Rottweilers?  Don’t hold your breath. A dog is your friend until you let him run free and give him a bone. Once he has the bone however, you become a peripheral distraction, and that bone becomes his only friend. Our last Attorney General is still chewing on his bone as you can see here Its time to vote out all the incumbents of Congress and have our Governors vote for an FBI Director with both integrity and balls to ignore the White House and go after the banksters with a passion. Otherwise American will forever belong to the 1% and the rest of us are doomed to economic slavery. – Bruce

2 thoughts on “Al Chalem & Cliff Baxter Were Murdered To Cover Up Wall Street Crimes Of Politicians – Believe It!

  1. Be sure to scrutinize the very strange and sudden death of John Pierre Gonyou, the Canadian guy who did the off-shore deeds for the pols. He was selected as the go to guy because he was technically “a fugitive” (although living openly at restaurants, South Beach bars, living in his own homes and driving his own Bentley and Porsche. If the deals went sour nobody would believe him. So long as he kept producing for the pols, he would remain free and wealthy to continue washing their money – just like Scotty Gallin did for Nick Navarro and dirty South Florida cops and agents.

    I am also convinced the SEC knows the score and was told to “just shut up and pretend to investigate”. Look hard enough and you will find the links to American Financial Group and all the other obscure laundromats. Wall Street veterans are not fooled and the pols must be praising God to let Bear Stearns die before they were investigated.

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